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First Finance International Bank, Inc. (FFIBI) is one of the leading neo-banks aims to challenge the traditional banking ecosystem. Its mission is to offer its clients, advanced, affordable, innovative and user friendly financial services tailored to their needs.

As a disruptive fintech, FFIBI provides digital access to international services such as FX, cross-border payments, multi-currency accounts, debit and prepaid cards, bill payment, and more.

With the future of banking being now digital, FFIBI offers everything individuals and corporations need in one single place with the most advanced technology in terms of risk analysis, consumer experience, and financial security.

  • Alternative Services
  • FFIBI is a neo-bank giving you access to cutting-edge alternative services and offer a cheaper, easier, and faster complete financial solution. We strive to revolutionize banking with different options to fit any of your personal and business needs. International money transfer, multi-currency accounts, local payments options, we always have the perfect solution for you.

  • Continuous innovation
  • FFIBI has always been at the forefront of innovation to provide innovative digital solutions and new ways to transact. We use the latest technology in all of our processes and systems to offer high-quality services, security, and confidentiality. That includes artificial intelligence, data analytics, KYC, and face recognition.

We Are a Digital-Only Bank

  • Worldwide coverage
  • First Finance International Bank offers a complete and universal solution to access domestics and international markets covering 150 countries through local partnerships. Make local payments from anywhere you are with FFIBI. Our exhaustive worldwide coverage adheres to strict international banking compliance standards and regulations.

  • Complete banking solution
  • We offer consumers and businesses convenient, secure and exhaustive banking services. FFIBI’s solution comprises FX simplicity, prepaid and debit cards with 20 currencies available, SEPA, IBAN, multi countries bill payment, and more. Our tailored digital banking solutions support all your personal and business growth ambitions.

Our Services

Personal Banking

We draw on our own extensive experience to make international banking as simple, secure, and efficient as your domestic banking. We provide a vast range of banking services, addressing your growing banking needs. These include comprehensive foreign exchange products and services, international wire transfers, and local payment options.

Business Banking

First Finance International Bank offers a one-stop-shop solution with products and services specifically designed for business needs that will help you increase efficiency and profitability through improved liquidity management, streamlined payment processing, and more robust reporting, assisting you to reach your business goals.

FX Cross-Border Solution

First Finance International Bank provides a complete international banking solution through multi-currency accounts and FX competitive rates. Our structure is designed to deliver cross-boarding local payments and allows you to send and receive funds in different currencies while avoiding an exchange between them. 


First Finance International Bank offers tailored issuing services as direct member and issuer of Union Pay International card. Our issuing program is also available for businesses that are looking for a convenient, affordable, and adequate prepaid card program for payroll, general disbursement, and more. Need a prepaid card? Contact us.


First Finance International Bank offers an adequate solution that works for you and your customers. Our merchant accounts and processing services are adequate for most of the industry and market. Contact us today to get an offer.
Need a merchant account? Contact us

White Label Solution

With regulation and compliance becoming more challenging day after day, the need to be regulated is now crucial for fintech and related financial companies. First Finance International Bank has built a white label solution and platform answering today’s corporation needs and evolving with the industry and markets evolution.

International Strategic Hub

About Puerto Rico?


Puerto Rico is the second-largest offshore banking jurisdiction in the Caribbean with US Territory Status, providing a competitive edge through attractive tax and regulatory incentives. The geographic position makes it the natural hub to South and North America. First Finance International Bank’s location also offers a strategic getaway for international customers.

Governance and Compliance


First Finance International Bank Inc., is a Puerto Rico financial institution chartered under the International Financial Entities Act (Act 273 of September 25, 2012, as amended) and regulated by the Puerto Rico Commissioner of Financial Institutions (license number EFI041). FFIBI is headquartered in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with long-established careers and proven track records of success in the industry. Our strong commitment to supporting our customers is based on solid values of honesty, trust, and integrity guiding us on our journey to become your preferred banking partner. Our expertise covers FX, issuing, acquiring, trading, and cross-border payments.

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